Why You Should Use A Tree Removal Service When Preparing Land For A Horse Pasture


If you are preparing to bring horses to your property, then you will need to create a horse pasture for them to be kept in. If there are trees in the area, you should think about using a tree removal service so you can have them removed. If you're wondering why you should do this instead of just leaving the trees where they are, consider these reasons.

Give Your Horses More Room to Run

Whether your horse pasture is going to be quite large or on the smaller side, you'll probably want to give your horses as much room to run as possible. If you have a lot of trees in the way, this can impact how much space your horses have. Having the trees and resulting debris removed from your horse pasture is probably going to be a good idea for these reasons and more.

Help Ensure Grass Grows

You'll probably want to be sure that your horses have plenty of forage, so you should consider planting grass in your pasture if you haven't done so already. Tree root systems can prevent grass from growing well. Additionally, pine straw or leaves that fall from the trees can prevent grass from growing and thriving, too. If you have trees removed and properly prepare the pasture for grass to grow, then you'll probably find that you can grow plenty of grass for your horses to graze on. Then, you can help ensure that your horses have plenty to eat and are kept entertained, and you can save money on grass as well.

Help Keep Your Horses Safe

Horses can be injured due to trees in various ways. Some types of trees can be lethal for horses if they eat their leaves or even come in contact with them. Horses can also scratch themselves on tree bark, hurt their eyes with tree limbs, and more. Removing all of the trees in the pasture can help you remove these types of threats so that your horses will be as safe as possible.

Prevent Damage to Your Fence

You might have invested a lot of time and money into installing a fence around the area that will be used as a horse pasture, or you might be planning on installing a fence soon. Either way, you probably don't want the fence to be damaged; this could lead to your horses getting out of their pasture, and it can also lead to expensive repairs having to be made. If a tree or even a large limb falls on your fence, it could cause this damage. If you have trees removed, however, you don't have to worry about this type of damage happening to your fence.  


3 May 2022

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