3 Pro Tips For Successful Weed Control In Your Garden


There is nothing more stressful than trying to create a garden and losing it to weeds. Weeds choke the life out of the plants you are trying to grow. They spread fast and cover your yard and your entire home. However, if you are keen about caring for your garden and removing the troublesome weeds, it won't be long before you eliminate the problem. Here are three pro tips that you should follow to help you achieve complete weed control and restore a healthy garden. 

1. Consider Your Previous Workable Strategies

The first thing you should consider is the strategies you have been applying and whether they have helped you. Assess the state your garden was in last year and the measures you used to manage the weeds. If you find that the steps aren't working as they should, think about getting new and better ones. For example, you can list down the most prevalent weeds and research ways to eliminate them without damaging the other plants. You can visit your local agronomist and ask for tips and guidelines on eliminating stubborn weeds. 

2. Clear the Field Before the Planting Season

You also need to think about the state of the field before planting anything. The best way to care for your plants is by giving them a weed-free start. You can choose to burn down the weeds during autumn as you await the planting season in spring. Note that weed control is more effective when you combine mechanical, biological, and chemical methods. For example, you can manually remove the weeds, but remember that their seedlings will remain and sprout. Therefore, treating the soil could help you avoid re-sprouting. After you have planted the garden and the plants have started growing, you can use mulching to choke the weeds.

3. Choose the Ideal Organic Pre-emergent  Herbicide 

If you are looking to get rid of weed permanently, pre-emergent herbicides can work very well and effectively. And this type of herbicide is used before weeds appear. Pre-emergent herbicides will help you control weeds like chickweed and crabgrass among others. This is by forming a layer that now prevents the weed seeds from germinating.

These are simple and effective ways to remove weeds from your garden and protect it from deteriorating and getting ruined. Choose the right gardening tools and methods to improve the overall health of your garden and decrease weed prevalence. Reach out to a professional for more weed control methods.


16 August 2021

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