Is It Necessary To Hire A Tree Arborist When Putting Your House On The Market?


Preparing your property for sale entails a host of things, from hiring the right realtor to decluttering the premises and even handling minor repairs here and there. But while a majority of home sellers focus on the house itself, some tend to forget about the exterior. And when you think about it, all potential buyers will first come to encounter your garden before they step into your home. For that reason, you should pay close attention to how the exterior of your property is presented just as you would with the interior of your residence. If you have never considered hiring a tree arborist before selling your house, here are a few reasons why it is imperative to hire their services.

A tree arborist will investigate the trees' health

When you take into consideration Australia's al fresco culture, you will quickly realise that most homebuyers will want a landscape that is appealing and functional. Therefore, if you want to make a quick sale, it is crucial to ensure that your garden is characterised by healthy foliage and sturdy trees that offer abundant shade from the harsh Aussie sun. A tree arborist will come, inspect your trees for signs of diseases and identify if the trees can be rehabilitated into good health. In fact, some arborists may even recommend waiting a while for the tree to get back into good health before you put your house on the market.

A tree arborist will fell trees that are dying

The second reason why you should hire an arborist before you sell your house is to ensure that you are not selling a property with trees that are dying. If the health of one or more of your trees is beyond rehabilitation, the arborist will identify which ones need to be removed from the property. Dying trees are not just an eyesore. If you do not have the compromised tees felled, there is the risk of extensive property damage if the tree is to lose its balance, not to mention the threat of injury! The moment the arborist identifies trees that are dying, it is imperative to enlist tree removal and stump grinding services from your arborist.

A tree arborist will enhance the beauty of the trees

Trees, irrespective of their size, are eye-catching. And if a tree is looking bedraggled, even if it is in good health, it will automatically detract from all the landscaping efforts you may have taken to keep the lawns attractive. Since trees are prominent, have an arborist trim them into a neat appearance. For a striking appearance, enlist topiary services from your arborist to create fanciful shapes that will bolster the kerb appeal of your home!


10 May 2019

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