Top Advantages of Landscaping Your Property with Native Plants


Landscaping is a vital aspect of property maintenance for a majority of homeowners that have a yard. And if you want lush greenery on your garden, you may be thinking of landscape plant supplies. While exotic trees may enhance the uniqueness of your property, native plants from a wholesale nursery may be a better option for both your garden and the environment at large. Native plants are better acclimatised to the environment since they have evolved for hundreds of years. Thus, not only are they cost efficient, but they will also help you save on resources too! The following are a few of the top advantages of landscaping your property with native plants.

Native plants conserve water

As aforementioned, native plants are highly familiarised to the natural habitat that they are grown in. Therefore, they are much more adept at retaining moisture as compared to foreign plants that may not be accustomed to the dry seasons in the country. As a result, you get to conserve a substantial amount of water, since you do not have to keep hydrating the plants, more so if you live in an area hard hit by drought. Water preservation brings cost savings since you will not have to pay extra money for this resource for the simple reason of supporting your plant life.

Native plants require minimal maintenance

Another compelling reason why you should purchase native plants from your wholesale nursery rather than investing in exotic species is the simple maintenance that indigenous flora accord you. Native plant species have a high resistance to pests, disease and a host of other environmental factors that would otherwise compromise the health of exotic plants. Thus, you do not have to pay special attention to your native plants, which means your free time is not infringed upon by your garden. No matter what time of year, you will be assured that your native plants will flourish as long as they are receiving the nutrients that they need.

Native plants enhance natural habitats

When you elect to grow native plant life on your property, you inadvertently end up contributing to the area's natural habitat. Native plants that are flourishing are more likely to attract native wildlife to the area. When your native plants are thriving and blooming, you will quickly find that butterflies and local bird species also develop an affinity to your property. And with cross-pollination, you start to notice that your native plants are spreading too! This co-dependence makes it a win-win for the plants and the environment.


19 September 2018

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