When Does a Tree Need to Be Cut Down Versus Simply Trimmed?


Trimming dead tree branches allows the tree to grow more healthy and vibrant. It allows the tree to get more air and moisture, and it also removes any spreading decay. However, sometimes a tree is damaged or unhealthy beyond repair and may need to be removed altogether. There are times when even a healthy tree should be removed rather than having the branches trimmed. Note when a tree may need to be cut down versus simply cut back.

1. When the bark is pulling away from the trunk

You may notice that certain branches look dead and decayed, but it can be difficult to know if this decay or any disease has spread to the trunk. When it does, usually the tree needs to be removed as the trunk is where growth starts and is maintained. If the bark is pulling away from the trunk of the tree, this is a surefire sign that the trunk itself is now decayed. Rarely can the tree recover from this extensive damage and will probably need to be removed.

2. When it leans

Leaning is also a sign that a tree trunk is damaged and decayed, and typically cannot be rescued. It's vital that a tree be removed when it starts to lean as this means the wood is weak in this spot and is at risk for cracking and allowing the tree to topple. If the tree is a risk for damaging property, pulling down power lines, or is located where children frequently play, you want to have it removed as soon as possible.

3. When it's infested

When a tree is infested with termites, ants, or another pest that has caused extensive damage, you can try to treat it with different chemicals and other options that may address this infestation, but this can be damaging to the environment. These chemicals and treatments are absorbed into the soil and groundwater and may damage your lawn and nearby landscaping. A better option is typically to have the tree removed.

4. When the roots are causing damage

Trimming roots that have wrapped around plumbing pipes or that are otherwise causing damage can fix the problem for the time being, but remember that roots continue to grow and will simply grow back to their original spot. Trimming roots this way can also damage the tree, as those roots are needed to get it the moisture it needs. When you trim back roots, the tree can start to become choked. A better option is to simply remove the tree and the roots to avoid damage to your property.

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1 September 2015

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Seeing a tree die can be sad, especially if it's the only shade tree in your yard, a tree you grew up climbing or a once bountiful fruit tree. However, surprisingly, many trees that people seem to give up on can actually be saved. I hate the idea of anyone losing a tree, so I decided to start a blog. This blog is going to have tips I have learned as a lifelong gardener as well as things I have learned while researching trees and botany in general. I hope you like these posts and that they eventually help you save a few trees!