5 Signs Your Tree's Roots Are Damaged


Trees can provide everything from welcome shade on a hot summer's day to beautiful views and privacy from neighbours, but they can become dangerous if their roots are damaged. If a tree's roots are seriously weakened or broken, the tree itself will probably need to be taken down to prevent damage to the rest of your property. As such, it's worth learning how to identify a damaged root system. With that in mind, here are five common signs of root damage.

27 December 2022

Why You Should Use A Tree Removal Service When Preparing Land For A Horse Pasture


If you are preparing to bring horses to your property, then you will need to create a horse pasture for them to be kept in. If there are trees in the area, you should think about using a tree removal service so you can have them removed. If you're wondering why you should do this instead of just leaving the trees where they are, consider these reasons. Give Your Horses More Room to Run

3 May 2022

How to Care for a Sick Tree: An Introduction


If you are growing trees in your yard or garden, you must learn about the steps you can take to support them if they are affected by disease or pests. This article explores some of the steps you can take. Read on to discover more. Water the tree One of the most important things you can do to help a diseased tree is water it properly. The tree needs enough water to keep its leaves healthy and to help it fight off the disease.

13 December 2021

3 Pro Tips For Successful Weed Control In Your Garden


There is nothing more stressful than trying to create a garden and losing it to weeds. Weeds choke the life out of the plants you are trying to grow. They spread fast and cover your yard and your entire home. However, if you are keen about caring for your garden and removing the troublesome weeds, it won't be long before you eliminate the problem. Here are three pro tips that you should follow to help you achieve complete weed control and restore a healthy garden.

16 August 2021

When Should You Remove a Tree With a Hole in Its Trunk?


If you take a walk through a wood or forest, you'll likely see a number of trees with holes in them. Many of these holes are home to animals such as birds and squirrels. Holes form due to damage such as lightning damage or large limb loss during a storm. And if a tree can't heal the damage in time, decay-causing organisms enter the wound and eventually cause a cavity to form.

22 April 2021

4 Safety Steps Your Arborist Should Take During the COVID-19 Pandemic


During the height of the coronavirus outbreak, many companies across the world were forced to shut down or scale back operations. Among those were tree-related services, including arborists, tree loppers, stump grinders and landscaping businesses. Several months of shutdown have resulted in slowing the spread of COVID-19, and this has provided an opportunity for tree service companies to restart their operations (while putting safety precautions in place). If you're looking to have a tree cut down, trimmed or pruned, make sure your arborist has implemented these four safety steps while working on your property.

27 July 2020

Why Carpenter Ants Could Be a Sign of Your Tree's Imminent Demise


If you have spotted carpenter ants on a tree in your yard, you should be wary. Carpenter ants take about six years to establish a mature and thriving colony. Once a colony has matured, you will begin to notice activity on and around your tree as the ants seek out food to take back to their nest. You should worry about your home, yes, but you should also worry about your tree.

19 November 2019

Is It Necessary To Hire A Tree Arborist When Putting Your House On The Market?


Preparing your property for sale entails a host of things, from hiring the right realtor to decluttering the premises and even handling minor repairs here and there. But while a majority of home sellers focus on the house itself, some tend to forget about the exterior. And when you think about it, all potential buyers will first come to encounter your garden before they step into your home. For that reason, you should pay close attention to how the exterior of your property is presented just as you would with the interior of your residence.

10 May 2019

Pulling Up Stumps: Why You Should Never Bury Tree Stumps


Removing a mature tree is no easy matter. Not only do you have to contend with the above-ground portion of the tree, but also the part that lies unseen, underground. For the inexperienced, tree removal is daunting, which is why many tree owners hire experts to remove dead or dying trees on their property. However, because of the difficulty and cost involved with removing tree stumps, some people choose not to remove them.

22 January 2019

Top Advantages of Landscaping Your Property with Native Plants


Landscaping is a vital aspect of property maintenance for a majority of homeowners that have a yard. And if you want lush greenery on your garden, you may be thinking of landscape plant supplies. While exotic trees may enhance the uniqueness of your property, native plants from a wholesale nursery may be a better option for both your garden and the environment at large. Native plants are better acclimatised to the environment since they have evolved for hundreds of years.

19 September 2018