How to Care for a Sick Tree: An Introduction


If you are growing trees in your yard or garden, you must learn about the steps you can take to support them if they are affected by disease or pests. This article explores some of the steps you can take. Read on to discover more.

Water the tree

One of the most important things you can do to help a diseased tree is water it properly. The tree needs enough water to keep its leaves healthy and to help it fight off the disease. Dehydration can place stress on every system with a tree, increasing the chance of it succumbing to disease or pests.

Add mulch 

Check that there is enough mulch around the base of your diseased tree. If there is not enough mulch, weeds may grow and compete with the tree for nutrients in the soil. Mulch also helps to trap moisture in the ground, reducing problems caused by too much dryness.

Prune the tree

If your tree is not growing or producing new leaves, it may need to be pruned. Remove any diseased branches on the tree to ensure the disease does not spread. However, do not remove more than one-third of a tree's branches in a single season. If you remove too many branches at once, the tree can become weak and die.

Check for pests

Pests are another common cause of diseased trees. A pest infestation can weaken your tree and make it more susceptible to disease. You should look for borers, scale insects, ants or termites on your tree if it is diseased. Check underneath the bark for browning wood caused by borers or black spots caused by scale insects. If you see any pests, treat them with pesticides or prune the affected areas. If you are unsure what kind of pest has infested your tree, take a sample to your local garden centre for identification.

Check the drainage

You should also check that water does not pool around your tree's trunk after it rains. Pools of water may cause fungal or bacterial infections, which can quickly spread to the whole tree if left untreated. If water collects near your tree's trunk, create a berm to guide the water away from the tree.

You can help your diseased tree recover and return to health if you follow these steps. Remember to never give up on your tree and always consult a tree care service if you are unsure how to care for it.


13 December 2021

Saving Unhealthy Trees: Tricks, Strategies, Tips and More

Seeing a tree die can be sad, especially if it's the only shade tree in your yard, a tree you grew up climbing or a once bountiful fruit tree. However, surprisingly, many trees that people seem to give up on can actually be saved. I hate the idea of anyone losing a tree, so I decided to start a blog. This blog is going to have tips I have learned as a lifelong gardener as well as things I have learned while researching trees and botany in general. I hope you like these posts and that they eventually help you save a few trees!