5 Signs Your Tree's Roots Are Damaged


Trees can provide everything from welcome shade on a hot summer's day to beautiful views and privacy from neighbours, but they can become dangerous if their roots are damaged. If a tree's roots are seriously weakened or broken, the tree itself will probably need to be taken down to prevent damage to the rest of your property. As such, it's worth learning how to identify a damaged root system. With that in mind, here are five common signs of root damage.

27 December 2022

Why You Should Use A Tree Removal Service When Preparing Land For A Horse Pasture


If you are preparing to bring horses to your property, then you will need to create a horse pasture for them to be kept in. If there are trees in the area, you should think about using a tree removal service so you can have them removed. If you're wondering why you should do this instead of just leaving the trees where they are, consider these reasons. Give Your Horses More Room to Run

3 May 2022