Assessing a Lightning-Damaged Tree: What Happens to a Tree After It Is Struck by Lightning?


A single lightning strike is 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun, according to the National Weather Service. This makes for a spectacular show during a storm. However, while you can retreat to the relative safety of your home during a storm, your trees have no such luxury. Tall trees are especially at risk of being struck, though even a short tree can become a victim of a lightning strike, should it be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

30 May 2017

Trees to Avoid: 6 Trees You Might Regret Planting in Your Garden


A garden that lacks trees is also a garden that lacks all the good that trees can offer, such as shade, good air quality and a better looking garden. However, whatever your ultimate goals for your garden, you should always research your current and future trees carefully, otherwise they might spring a surprise on you. If you've just moved into a house surrounded by trees, or are planning on planting trees around your current home, here are 6 trees you should be wary of.

10 February 2017