Tips for Knowing When to Prune Trees


Trees have the ability to add value to your property and can be used to create curb appeal. Not only can various types of trees offer great shade during the hottest months, but they can also allow for increased privacy. If you have trees in your yard, it is essential that you understand how to care for and maintain them. When it comes to tree looping or tree pruning, you need to know when the best time to begin pruning actually is.

Winter Pruning

Caring for your trees during the winter season is something that you need to make a priority. You might think that cold temperatures mean that pruning is not ideal, but this is not the case. Pruning during dormancy during the winter months is very common and recommended. If you make an effort to prune your trees during the winter, you can expect big blooms during the springtime. The ideal pruning tip during the winter season involves waiting to prune until the coldest part of the season has passed. This means that late February and early March is the time that winter pruning is suggested. There are some types of trees that will seep when you prune them during the winter. This includes species like maple, walnut and birch trees. This seeping is completely normal and is simply the sap beginning to flow.

Summer Pruning

It is also recommended that you prune your trees during the summertime. This type of pruning is designed to help slow the growth of your trees somewhat. It allows you to have more control in directing the growth of your trees. This allows you to slow the growth of specific branches. It is recommended that you prune trees in the summer right after season growth has finished. When you prune in the summer, you have the ability to minimise the amount of total leaf surface and lessen the amount of food sent to the roots.

Fall Pruning

This is the season when you want to avoid pruning your trees. It is easy for fungi to spread during the fall season, which can increase the spread of decay. This means that you should wait to prune your trees until the winter season. The wounds that you make on trees when pruning also take longer to heal when they occur during the fall season. Just be sure to maintain your trees during the summer months and allow them to grow and flourish all fall long without any pruning interference.


29 October 2015

Saving Unhealthy Trees: Tricks, Strategies, Tips and More

Seeing a tree die can be sad, especially if it's the only shade tree in your yard, a tree you grew up climbing or a once bountiful fruit tree. However, surprisingly, many trees that people seem to give up on can actually be saved. I hate the idea of anyone losing a tree, so I decided to start a blog. This blog is going to have tips I have learned as a lifelong gardener as well as things I have learned while researching trees and botany in general. I hope you like these posts and that they eventually help you save a few trees!